Mobile Power Solutions Announces

Fortune 10 companies have trusted Mobile Power Solutions
with over 1900 successfully completed projects since 2003

Battery technology center is further certified to manufacture and
test batteries for aviation, space and defense projects

AS9100D, ISO 9001, and ISO 17025 Certification


Performance Testing for the Lithium Cell and Battery Industry


Mobile Power Solutions is your trusted partner for evaluating,
sourcing, and building Lithium batteries


Safety Testing for the Lithium Cell and Battery Industry


Environmental Testing for the Lithium Cell and Battery Industry


Regulatory Testing for the Lithium Cell and Battery Industry


Custom Lithium Batteries for Autonomous Vehicles


Custom Lithium Batteries for Aerospace and Aviation


Our Services

Mobile Power Solutions is your partner for battery pack assembly for low volume and mission-critical applications.  Our technical support and battery pack assembly experience, along with our extensive testing facility and analysis, will help you achieve your design and production objectives for your battery pack.

Mobile Power Solution’s team is current on all applicable standards and testing requirements.  With our state-of-the-art test facility, MPS performs regulatory approvals as part of our battery development process, and offers regulatory qualification for third party cells and batteries.

Our customized performance testing identifies the optimal cell or battery configurations for your “real world” conditions.  Our experienced engineering staff, combined with our Maccor battery testers, will ensure your batteries exceed performance and warranty expectations over the life of your product.

Mobile Power Solutions can ensure your battery achieves the highest standard of safety with our comprehensive testing services and facilities.  Safety testing may be needed for less common corner-case scenarios.  MPS ensures your battery will perform safely in all situations throughout the life of the product.

Accreditation & Testing

UN 38.3 Testing

Mobile Power Solutions has extensive experience testing Lithium batteries to UN 38.3 standards.

RTCA DO-227A, DO-311A Testing

Mobile Power Solutions serves on the committee drafting the next edition of  RTCA DO-311 standard for rechargeable Lithium batteries in aviation.

ANSI C18.1M and C18.3M Testing

Mobile Power Solutions performs general and safety testing for primary cells & batteries with aqueous electrolyte, including Lithium primary cells & batteries.

ISO/IEC 17025-2017 Accredited

Mobile Power Solutions is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-2017 for competence in electrical testing.

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